Plan Approval

Atlas Seaway offers ship owners and maritime industry stakeholders a “turnkey” solution, including Plan Approval. This means that during the initial stages of a new building project we will thoroughly examine and evaluate all the main drawings and technical specifications to ensure the design is fully compliant with the latest mandatory international regulations and contractual agreements.
The ship design review aims to ensure that the latest and most technically efficient arrangements from an operational and environmental point of view are implemented in a user-friendly manner, including any special requirements from the client.
We anticipate regulatory changes and ensure these are applied on new built vessel if such implementations are considered desirable by the owner. Once these specifications are agreed upon with the owner, we can then negotiate any required modifications or improvements with the yard.
We use any system which our client requires, including the yard’s electronic plan approval data systems, and are flexible regarding the site location by operating from the client’s premises or from our office near the shipyard.
We work closely with our clients every step of the way, from attending model tests to meetings with the yard and owners. We believe that time invested at this crucial stage of the project brings long-term benefits both in terms of CAPEX and future OPEX cost savings.
Atlas Seaway works relentlessly with our clients to ensure that all modifications and improvements are efficiently and properly negotiated with the yard, tracked to a successful closure, and finally implemented in a compliant plan in line with expectations, specification, and shipbuilding contract.