Vision and Mission

Our vision portrays our goals and aspirations. Our Mission dictates how we actively pursue these ideals. Our Core Values guide our conduct in order to achieve our vision and mission.

Our Vision

To provide our customers with a superior maritime experience through expert supervision, project management, and plan approval while becoming your preferred Global Partner in the shipbuilding industry and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our Mission

To carry out our promises and effectively deliver the highest quality shipyard experience possible to our customers through the use of expert personnel and efficient operations.

Core Values

Customer Relations

We promote a customer-driven corporate culture by providing the best quality and impeccable service with all values centered on our customers. To accomplish this, we build a strong foundation of trust with you that is realized through dedication, a standard of excellence, and frequent communication. We serve with a long-term perspective, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction throughout our entire process.


We actively engage our customers and invite them to be a part of our process to discover the best solutions possible as a coherent unit. We create synergy through affiliation that is fostered by mutual communication and cooperation within the company and with our business partners. We are open, genuine, and transparent in everything we do so you may feel comfortable that your project is our top priority.

Management Philosophy

Atlas Seaway realizes the dream of mankind by creating new possibilities through ingenuity and by continuously challenging and moving the borders.

Realization of Potential

We always move forward to the next goal after each success and aim to create a better future with a challenging spirit. There is no project that we cannot complete due to our relentless dedication and ambition.

Personnel Management

We provide the most experienced team in order to deliver on our promises to customers and colleagues. We believe the future of our organization lies in the hearts and capabilities of our individual members and allow them to engage their potential by creating a corporate culture that respects talent and reflects our core values. We engage positively and constructively with our colleagues to nurture an environment of respect and collaboration. We recognize that accountability and reliability are essential for efficiency and success, so we trust and depend on each other as colleagues.


We refuse to be complacent, embrace every opportunity for greater challenge, and are confident in achieving our goals with unwavering passion and persistence. We recognize that excellence must be attained in order to make us your top choice and we strive to provide our customers the best experience through the highest industry standards. We constantly challenge our own performance and goals, as individuals and as teams, to ensure that we maintain our integrity. We give and we value honest and respectful feedback.


We respect and embrace the diversity of cultures and customs, aspiring to be the world’s best at what we do, and passionately strive to continuously improve ourselves as individuals and our organization as a whole. We do not tolerate discrimination, meaning that all are welcome to partake in our services regardless of race, gender, or otherwise.

Unlimited Sense of Responsibility

Our vision of unlimited responsibility is realized through our quality management, which creates the social force that expands our capacity to act on our obligations. This, in turn, creates value for our customers and society while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Respect for Mankind

Our organization breaks the mold by providing our customers with an innate sense of trust, allowing us to create higher quality products and services to our community. We abide by all industry regulations to ensure a safe environment is maintained for our customers and our staff.