Project Management

Atlas Seaway provides a global platform for ship owners and maritime industry stakeholders with shipbuilding project management and supervision services for their new build and conversion projects.
We Have Extensive Expertise
In the construction of LNG and LPG ships, tankers, and bulk carriers, where our team members have participated and contributed to successful delivery of numerous new builds in South Korea.

Upon request, Atlas Seaway offers a multinational team ranging from of naval architects, engineers, project managers, and inspectors in all categories.

A successful shipbuilding project depends on experience in both new building and operation of specific vessel type, with high attention to detail and knowledge of the selected shipyard.

Our independent teams will bring your conversion, re-fit, or entire new building projects to a successful conclusion.

We provide turnkey solutions covering pre-contract selection of yards, evaluation of equipment, model testing, plan approval, sea trials, gas trials, and delivery.
Atlas Seaway manages your project from technical specifications, evaluation and review to final delivery.
We are happy to assist in maker selection of equipment, plan approval, provision of specialist teams for construction supervision, commissioning, and technical support to the ship’s crew.
Atlas Seaway provides in-depth expertise and support in the construction of LNG Cargo Containment Systems NO96 & Mark III..
New Building Supervision
Our site team follows the construction schedule closely. This highly trained team consists of experts on hull, machinery, painting, electrical & automation, cargo containment, piping, outfitting, HSE and administration, and more.

They will oversee inspections, tests, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at the shipyard or in other locations in accordance to approved Inspection Test Plan (ITP), and finally sea and gas trials prior to vessel delivery.

The site team has regular progress reviews with the shipyard to ensure that any delay is followed up by a recovery plan. The detailed progress is closely monitored by the project management team and regular site visits are included with progress reports provided to the owner.

The final ship documents and certificates are carefully reviewed and delivered.

During the ship building process there is high potential to influence the ship quality and lifecycle cost. Our project management team of experienced professionals ensures that the vessel is built in accordance with contract, specifications, and rules. The site team conducts scheduled inspections and patrolling of worksites to closely monitor safety and quality during construction. We guarantee that you will receive a well-built ship.

Atlas Seaway guarantees the following


With contractual specifications and approved plans to meet the latest rules and regulations.

High Standards

Through implementation of a rigorous inspection scheme conducted by professional and highly competent personnel.

Improved Design

By close follow-up during plan approval and the building process while requiring the Builders to implement changes at no additional costs whenever reasonably achievable.

Peace of Mind

By keeping close contact and frequently reporting vessel status to our client, thereby ensuring a professional and experienced team are guiding Owners through the complex new building proses.

Atlas Seaway’s consistent and persistent engagement in management of the project and its supervision, in combination with our vast experience and technical skills, make it possible to satisfy our clients’ needs and to reach our professional goals.

Timely delivery

Our site teams strive to have the building schedule and commercial commitments respected by being flexible and cooperative with the yard’s building requirements.


There is a substantial impact on the vessel’s OPEX by implementing improvements wherever and whenever possible throughout the building process.


Our professional and pragmatic approach, combined with thorough knowledge of yard’s working process and ethics, enhances our relationships to the benefit of the project.

Lasting Relationship with our Client

Built on trust, mutual respect, and the highest quality.